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Crazy summer has flown by and cozy winter is settling in so there is finally time to update this webpage.  I have let it slide a bit because Facebook is more fun, so do like us if you don't already.  To summarize we have had:  volcanic ash, whale steak on the barbecue, skylanterns, pancakes, cream cheese- peanut & jalapeno pizza, sex in the kitchen, a huge group of orange clad Spaniards, japanese honeymooners, jazz guitarists, snail collectors, lawyers, nurses, writers, facebook staff members, electricians, engineers, young homesick filmmakers, musicians, artists, geologists, knitters, groupies, retirees, TripAdvisor´s certificate of excellence and  a t-shirt from Hostelworld, the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, Culture Night, Oktoberfest, Kafka plays, trailer parties, a secret sleeping chamber, organic barley porridge, a drunk and disorderly group of testosterone fueled frat boys and a concert in the sunroom all the while eagerly following  the escapades of our beloved new mayor Jón Gnarr who opened Gay Pride in drag, got a tattoo of the official Reykjavík logo etc.  It's been fun but we have had to grow up and make some house rules.  Nothing major, just asking people to try and keep the house as quiet as possible between the hours of 00-07 out of consideration for their fellow travellers.  Also we are not accepting large group bookings anymore.  Groups tend to mess up the karma of the place.
Eyrún who was helping us out this summer has gone back to school but instead I have given one of the rooms out to a live-in caretaker to help me keep things together.  Her name is Anna and she is from Switzerland.  She has been volunteering in Iceland for a few months and isn't ready to go home yet.  When she is, I am confident that a number of my former guests would be happy to take over caretaker duties in exchange for room and board.
09. nóvember 2010

The best party

14. júní 2010

Get inspired!

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

03. júní 2010

Thinking of Lake Mvatn?

We added a new link.  You see, up north and away from Reykjavik in the lovely Mývatn area is our eco-friendly and people friendly friend Sæmi the park ranger and his family.  They are great tour guides and just great people in general and they have just started a certified business so if you are travelling Iceland before or after your city break you should pay them a visit.
22. maí 2010

Goodbye Johan

We just said goodbye to our first guest today, a very nice Swedish newspaper editor named Johan.  He seemed to like Our House although he didn't spend much time in it since he was always out and about, chasing volcanoes and whales and what not :-) Our next guest are a group of kids from the East of Iceland who are on a graduation trip (their teacher and guardian on the trip is a good friend of ours).  Then we are expecting one guest after the other from all over the world  and they wont let a little ash stand in their way.  Now I just have to get some summer flowers in the windowsill and  we're all set.
18. maí 2010

Reykjavik Arts Festival

The Annual Reykjavik Arts Festival will be held from May 12 - June 5.  Check it out, lots of cool stuff to experience.
29. apríl 2010


We don't open until May but we are already receiving our first bookings for the summer.  The first ones are from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the eastcoast of Iceland.  Our House welcomes travellers from all corners of the world!
15. apríl 2010

Lan er komin

Never mind that there’s still snow on the ground…the plover has arrived! It’s spring! 
08. apríl 2010

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